The Law of Jew-ttraction

Random Encounter

Random encounters happen to me often, so it’s seldom surprising…or maybe it’s just the law of attraction or in this case, the law of “Jew-ttraction.” I had literally plopped my ass down at the Coffee Bean when this Jewish vision appeared in front of me in traditional garbs – a patron of the Hasidic tribe, I guess?

He started rambling about things, bad rabbis and boyfriends and stuff. I think he was either hungover or still drunk cause his scent was a bit stale, but he was cheerful and intriguing. Was this a sign? Nobody will believe me, I thought. “We have to take a picture together,” I said. He had no problem with that. And then for whatever reason, he extracted a wad of cash from his pocket and posed with it for the pic.

Random EncounterWhat are you doing? I thought. This perpetuates the stereotypes and jokes about Jews and money. Then again, how funny and inappropriately appropriate or rather, comedically I could not have timed whatever this situation was any better.

So there you have it — Shalom from me and the Bad Rabbi (I believe that’s what he referred to himself as)…

PS. Yes, I realize I look very L.A. wearing overbearing glasses and holding a small dog. Complete coincidence…or maybe I’m turning into a stereotype myself. Aaaggghhhh!!!

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