Still Keeping Kosher!


Despite feeling like I’ve been slightly spiritually detached lately, I have done one thing right – I’ve kept Kosher!

Maintaining your spiritual health is all in the details. You meditate every morning, you express gratitude for all you have before you start your day, you plan ahead for Shabbat, you keep kosher…etc. And then all the little details come together to form a more spiritually evolved YOU.

I waver a lot in my self esteem and confidence (I endured a lot of criticism as a child. My parents were strict I guess, or just plain mean. But I’ve struggled with accepting myself as I am as a result), so for me, it’s imperative that I make time for all these spiritual practices daily, otherwise I just go off on some tangent in my head that leads to depressive thinking. But when I keep to a routine with meditation, prayer, going to Synagogue, I’m amaZING – I’m logical, clear in my thinking, able to let go of resentments and forgive (others and myself).

I have let myself slide recently. I became overwhelmed with trying to plan a wedding in the midst of career change, some small medical issues and financial turmoil. I’m working at getting back on track…and just now as I scrolled through my i-phone I came across 4 of the most impressive dishes I’ve gobbled down recently (I wish I could take credit for them, but my fiancé used to own a restaurant in Palm Springs. He has magical hands and mysterious cooking abilities). And it occurred to me, well I’ve done one thing right. I’ve kept Kosher!

Food1 IMG_3193 IMG_3247 Food2

Salmon, Asian cuisine, typical Israeli Breakfast – Shakshuka, and the last one is pretty obvi – eggs, potatoes & fruit.

Of course getting fed 5-star courses at home does not entail much effort from me (I do wash the dishes, let it be noted), it’s more when I go out to eat and most of the food options are not kosher. I may have faltered twice, but for the most part I have seriously kept kosher. I’m doing it guys!

Keeping kosher is a spiritual practice and it involves consideration and kindness for what we eat. I love keeping kosher! I’ve recently forgotten in the midst of new life dramas, that I do have Judaism to lean on. It’s why I converted. Other things may not be working out right now or in transition, but I have a base.; a foundation. I have a system and philosophy for living and that is invaluable. It is truly special and stabilizing. And it’s also true what the cliche peeps say, practice what you preach. Spirituality is something that must be practiced to be sustained.


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