Rosh Hashanah – Happy Jew Year!

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Shanah Tovah! I celebrated my first Jewish New Year last week!

My first Rosh Hashanah was very enlightening. The month leading up to Rosh Hashanah is called Elul and it’s all about repentance, which was fitting cause naturally I found myself reflecting on the past and repenting for various states of behavior. The past year, as in Jewish year not American calendar year, had been challenging and difficult for me. But I seem to have overcome a lot of emotional hurdles and I’m totally completely and entirely ready for a fresh start! Let the New Year begin!

We hosted a Seder on the first night of Rosh Hashanah where we ate sweet fruits for a sweet New Year! & recited various prayers, did Kiddush (drank wine) and enjoyed a lovely meal. I won’t bore with the details, instead I’ll post some pics. Enjoy!



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Apples dipped in honey for a sweet New Year, Machzor (prayer book for High Holidays), my boyfriend blowing the shofar (my sister said he looks like an embarrassing Dad in that pic with that Hawaiian shirt, hahaha) and some funky fruit we ate for a Sweet New Year! Shanah Tovah! To a sweet New Year!


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