Post Purim: Care Package & DNA Test


Last week was Purim – equivalent of Jewish Halloween, celebration of victory over Anti-Semitism thnx to Esther, Jewish heroine. This was my second Purim (that I am aware of, cause I’ve lived through many, I just didn’t know they were happening). Temple Beth Am sent this lovely Care Package (BBQ Kit) in observance of Purim. I am constantly amazed at how classy this Synagogue is —


For Purim I also ate some hamantaschen cookies: courtesy the Rabbi who I was employed by till last week (because I quit. Time for change). This was the only one left to photograph after I scoffed them all – Peanut Butter and Jelly filling.


Other than that, I purchased a DNA Test recently…because the possibility that someone in my Polack lineage may have been Jewish, but no one is admitting to it, has really been bothering me lately. I’d like to know once and for all if someone in my lineage was a Jew. Was that why I was drawn to all this? The Jewish Soul? An origin somewhere? Someone assimilated…? I’m going through nicotine withdrawal right now, so I’m not being very comprehensive about all the bits and pieces that lead me to believe I may be 1/4 of 1/4 Jewish — weird last names like Baron, claims about Holocaust Pajamas preserved from a family member who was imprisoned but escaped, one of my cousins tracing family member on family tree to shtetl in Poland…?

It’s all unresolved. Maybe this DNA test will prove nothing, other than I’m descendant of a cave woman tribe (which would totally make sense), but at least I made the attempt to find out my heritage.

So sit tight — I’m sending in my saliva sample tomorrow and in 4-6 weeks I’ll have answers.

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