Passover Inspiration


Passover just passed…and I was re-inspired this Passover to start making changes in my life…

Passover represents freedom, victory and acknowledging the past, respecting history. I am applying these same concepts into my life. I submitted a query letter to a couple of agents to write a memoir about Becoming Jewish…and I received one response. The problem is the agent is happy to read the manuscript, but there’s no advance…and a struggling writer must survive. So I have two options.

1) Write in the evenings and weekends around a full time job (last time I tried to do this I was driven to insanity and abusive drinking)

2) Put project up on Kickstarter…and see if I can raise the funds that will enable me to write my story.

So Kickstarter it is! I am making my video tomorrow and by the end of the week my campaign will be up and running! Wish me luck!

Judaism has changed my life, it’s taught me how to live in lieu of life not working out. It’s given me a philosophy for living, for coping when life does not go as planned. My journey has been turbulent — I went through an existential crisis in my early thirties and became very self-destructive. From AA I found Judaism and since I converted I’ve been different. I’ve grown — emotionally and spiritually. I see life differently now. And I’d like to share my story — When I moved to LA from Chicago I was almost deported, I was saved by a still photographer and lived on a mountain in Lake Arrowhead, I became a sex blogger in LA, I went back to Australia when none of my writing pursuits were working out and lived with my parents at 31 when all my friends were getting married and having babies, I lived in Section 8 in Downtown LA, I almost killed myself, I found out my writing partner HAD killed himself…and I came out of it ALL. And I’m stronger and better now, now that I’m Jewish.

I hope I am supported in writing my memoir and I hope it inspires and reaches many people. There’s of course the chance the one agent who has expressed interest may change their mind, they may not like my draft. But it’s important to try. Always try in life, make the most of it! Tikkun Olam your way through. And if the agent road doesn’t work out, then I’ll self publish! I’ve made it this far in life, I will continue on…

Shalom! (Look out for BECOMING JEWISH: How Judaism Converted Me by EVA KOWALSKI)


OH…and I finally found the courage to give standup another shot. I’m doing open mikes all over town. Watch my set at the Tao Comedy Studio last Friday on YOUTUBE. I also started a new twitter handle: EKOWALSKIKOMEDY. Follow Me!

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