God Answered


Finally! A HaPpY PoSt!

So turns out God does work! Last month I wrote a post Schlemiel, Schlep or Schlemazl? in the style of a satirical prayer to God to help me find a better job or some sort of alternative to pay my basic bills. In sheer desperation I had started a part time gig as a dog walker to make ends meet. I love dogs and thought, well this will be relaxing. I was not only dealing with disabled and aggressive dogs, but the job was the biggest scam. I was using my own resources to get to these locations and some of them were on opposite ends of town, I wasn’t being compensated for my driving time and the amount I was being paid barely covered the cost of gas. It’s really depressing when you make $30 after wasting 5 hours of your time. Plus I was driving up windy one way dirt roads in Laurel Canyon that doubled as two-way roads. So in the unfortunate case that you encounter an oncoming vehicle, the driver closest to the end of the road backs up and pulls over to the side of a cliff, while the other car barely scrapes by. Some of the locations were deserted without cell reception. Ugh. I could go on an on about how shitty it was, but I don’t want to relive it, plus it’s boring. Despite all this, I was so financially effed I couldn’t quit. And prior to that I had a terrible temp gig staring at excel spreadsheets. It was advertised as a copywriting job, but it was actually a database entry job. I almost lost my sanity. I had to get frenzied and hyped to input the data faster and faster and I was constantly on a coffee high which affected my ability to sleep. I was TWIRED – tired but wired at the same time.

I’ve never struggled so badly in the workplace and as you get older your energy and enthusiasm fade, so it’s hard doing something you hate for almost no money on a daily basis. I was living in this nightmare of unemployment and shit survival jobs. I felt so helpless and with every attempt at making things better, I just kept making them worse. Insert depression, low self-worth = I was a mess. So I resigned myself and did the most basic act since the beginning of time when life gets unmanageable…I PRAYED.

CUT TO: I am now working part-time for a hip female Rabbi author doing online media/social networking stuff. Whoo-hoo! She’s so awesome and inspiring and it also keeps me in the loop of Jewish happenings.  It’s also how I know God Answered my prayer. C’mon, I post a prayer on my blog and then Eloheinu hooks me up with a jobbie working for a female Rabbi?! Plus it was through the Help Company, they don’t specialize in Jewish employers. I wasn’t specifically seeking it out, plus I often feel so inferior in Jewish society as a JIT (Jew in Training), but then to my surprise I’m always so embraced and accepted.

AND: On the screenwriting side of things, my sister and I randomly scored a meeting at Gersch agency, one of the top agencies in town with a kickass agent from Boston, and we are now working on a Sister Pilot project for TV.

I slowly seem to be inching out of the darkness and into the light. Thank-you Eloheinu! I love you! I love you! I love you!

In other news: my conversion date is set for next Tuesday, August 26th. I’m so excited and nervous, but so ready. I’ve been studying Judaism since November of last year. So it’s been 9 to 10 months of Jewish development. In less than a week I will be a Jewess. Shriek! 


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