Lazy Cook: Chicken Matzah Ball Soup

Chicken Matzah Ball Soup

Chicken Matzah Ball SoupI made Chicken Matzah Ball Soup recently and I thought I was AWE-SOME, until my fully Jewish other half commented whilst eating, “Yeah, this is great soup for when you get sick.”

“Ah, sure. It’s also a great soup for when you’re NOT sick and you want to stay healthy. It’s preventative,” I commented proudly.

Then he continued to piss me off with, “It’s a peasant soup.”

“Yes, a soup eaten by the lower classes. I’m a struggling screenwriter. Poverty doesn’t shame me nor does it bother me. It makes me practical and resourceful. It’s why I get along so well with the Mexicans. We understand each other.”

And then I made this big point of how I actually used the kitchen to cook something which is a miracle in itself because I was raised in the peak of equal opportunity which means my teachers placed the focus on being better than men rather than cooperating and so my domesticity levels are lower than low…and not only did I cook, I attempted to make a Jewish dish, which SIDE NOTE: coincidentally is very similar to the Polish soup my grandmother used to make. In fact, identical. Only difference is she used some type of macaroni instead of matzah balls. This is only relevant because I’m trying to trace any potential Jewish ancestry, so when I find any crossovers I jump to, “What does this mean?”

Matzah Ball Soup

Anyway, after that whole conversation transpired, I threatened to never cook again and my boyfriend spent the next hour apologizing and telling me how much he loved the soup. So there you go, Chicken Matzah Ball soup — simple, great “Chicken Soup” replacement if you have the flu and it lasts all week (the less cooking, the better. I don’t want to spend my whole life in the kitchen, if ya know what I mean).

Recipe: 2 Chicken breasts with skin, 2 carrots, celery, onion, chicken stock and matzah ball mix. It practically cooks itself.


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