Anti Anti-Semitism

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WARNING: There is an excessive use of the word “Jewish” in this post. To some extent it was unavoidable. Just real quick before I delve into this topic, I wanted to mention that I have not been editing any of these blog posts. I just read back through some of them and realized how bad […]

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Spirituality in LA


I’ve been focused on maintaining my spirituality lately and I was reminded recently that I live in a city that can be cruel, competitive, unkind and lacking in moral value. It’s only a matter of time before someone offers you drugs in LA or you find yourself drinking unreasonable amounts too many nights a week, […]

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Still Keeping Kosher!


Despite feeling like I’ve been slightly spiritually detached lately, I have done one thing right – I’ve kept Kosher! Maintaining your spiritual health is all in the details. You meditate every morning, you express gratitude for all you have before you start your day, you plan ahead for Shabbat, you keep kosher…etc. And then all […]

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