ChristMESS ~


Christmas? What’s that? I must confess now that I’m Jewish, I’m kind of relieved that I don’t have to celebrate Christmas anymore. I don’t have to spend irresponsible amounts of money on presents I don’t want to buy for people, and since I don’t believe the Christian beliefs, it’s counterintuitive¬†celebrating. And despite the commercialization of […]

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Final Shabbat of 2014!


It’s been a great year of Jewishness for me – lots of study, a conversion & an amazing trip to Israel! Shabbat has been one of the greatest discoveries of Judaism for me — I think everyone should do some version of Shabbat. Come Friday night – all systems shut down — time to rest […]

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An unexpected trip to the Holy Land!


FEATURED IMAGE: That’s me praying at the Western Wall for my prayers re: post below (marriage and money pressure) to be answered, amongst other things. Look, I also prayed for peace in the world, so I’m not entirely selfish. … I always wanted to visit Israel, particularly following my conversion in August, but I didn’t […]

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Marriage…and Money Pressure!


Ugh. This is not how I imagined this blog post to be…but these blog posts never turn out how I imagine and really life is rarely how I imagine also, so what did I expect? I was never prepared that I would be so unorganized and unprepared for life at this age and at this […]

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