Journey to Judaism – CoMpLeTe!


So, I’ve decided to start wrapping up this blog by putting my whole journey towards Judaism in perspective and summing up. Pictured above, I have a tattoo on my inner left angle from the Art of War – Morality, Terrain and Doctrine. Tattoos are not encouraged in Judaism, but I had this done before I […]

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My First Yom Kippur Experience


I had my first Yom Kippur experience – atoning for my sins…and it was interesting and spiritually challenging. I fasted, I went to Synagogue…and hopefully I’m cleansed now. God knows I haven’t done a formal confession since…I was Catholic, so since I was 18. So that’s a huge pile of sins I brought along with […]

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The nightmare before “Yom Kippur” & Judaism goes Hipster


Firstly, Judaism is Hipster now. I just saw an article that implied Kosher is the New Vegan…and the Jewish Journal came out with the hipster edition for the High Holy Days. I’m not going to lie, the High Holy Days have been hard for me. Firstly, most the country is not Jewish, so the High […]

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