Rosh Hashanah – Happy Jew Year!

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Shanah Tovah! I celebrated my first Jewish New Year last week! My first Rosh Hashanah was very enlightening. The month leading up to Rosh Hashanah is called Elul and it’s all about repentance, which was fitting cause naturally I found myself reflecting on the past and repenting for various states of behavior. The past year, […]

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Keeping Kosher


So what makes a person Jewish? Well you do Jewish things. Such as? Keeping kosher. Now that I’ve converted, most days I’d probably forget that I’m even Jewish now. Lately my boyfriend has been on my case about how I introduce the Jewish aspect of my life to people. I don’t go around saying, “I’m […]

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My first Shabbat as a Jewess

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Pic: Saturday Morning – Friday night Shabbat aftermath It’s so interesting now that I’ve converted and am considered Jewish. Even if Jews who were born Jewish don’t accept or recognize me as a Jew, I’m legally considered Jewish. I have paperwork signed by Rabbis that makes me eligible for Aliyah (immigration to Israel). Like I’m […]

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