It’s official! I’m JEWISH NOW!!!


Pic: On Sunday I went skydiving, on Tuesday I converted to Judaism. The skydiving pic is like a metaphor for taking the plunge. Both acts required an element of bravery, so they’re related in that sense.  The new Eva Kowalski 2.0 Jewish version is finally here! Stronger, faster, smarter, more efficient. My upgrade is complete. […]

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God Answered


Finally! A HaPpY PoSt! So turns out God does work! Last month I wrote a post Schlemiel, Schlep or Schlemazl? in the style of a satirical prayer to God to help me find a better job or some sort of alternative to pay my basic bills. In sheer desperation I had started a part time gig […]

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Birthday Breakdown on Tisha B’av


Pic: That’s me crying like a little baby in the bathroom at Terroni (Italian restaurant) cause the world and everyone in it depressed me. Yesterday, August 5th was like a really shitty day. It was the day Marilyn Monroe was found dead at her home in Brentwood, Los Angeles. It was also the day I was born. […]

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