My Life Pre-Judaism


Here’s a glimpse into my life pre-Judaism via an article  I wrote recently and submitted to the Op-ed Section of the LA Times. Unfortunately, my article was rejected and I had no success in placing it elsewhere, so it’s going on this blog. Cause you know, writing entails effort, even the pieces that are deemed […]

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Must See Movie – Ida


I’ve always been captivated by movies that deal with the Holocaust and for the longest time, The Pianist, was by far one of my favorites. But I’ve never seen a movie that shows Poland post-holocaust until this weekend when I went to see the movie, Ida, by Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski. The movie, deliberately shot […]

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Origins of Yearning


If anyone ever doubts that my interest in Judaism and converting is pure and not a sudden compulsion based on a relationship with a Jewish man or to boost my screenwriting career (given the myth that Jews run LA, Louis B Mayer style), I have proof of the origins of my yearning. My interest in […]

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