Judaism for Dummies…and Shiksas!


So my greatest fear in studying Judaism and potentially converting (until it’s officious, it’s all speculation…and if converting feels wrong, then I won’t do it), is the SHIKSA reference. A Shiksa is essentially a non Jewish woman, but to put it all into perspective, here’s my favorite extract from Wikipedia. (SIDE NOTE: Oh Wikipedia how […]

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Jewish Guilt #Iamsorry #What?! #Why? #WTF?!


I feel like I’ve gone off on a total tangent on this blog, but I guess life is not always linear. On top of studying Judaism I’m dealing with my own personal debacles, deadlines and issues. I’m not sure what I imagined this blog to be, probably much more kosher than it has become. And […]

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This is why Jewish Marriages Work

Jewish marriage

Check out this ad for a Marriage Retreat in the Jewish Journal. It comes complete with a licensed therapist, a rabbi and a FINANCIAL PLANNER. When you consider money issues are a main cause of argument amongst couples, it makes perfect sense. PS. They should change the caption from: all you need is love…and this […]

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