The Law of Jew-ttraction

Random Encounter

Random encounters happen to me often, so it’s seldom surprising…or maybe it’s just the law of attraction or in this case, the law of “Jew-ttraction.” I had literally plopped my ass down at the Coffee Bean when this Jewish vision appeared in front of me in traditional garbs – a patron of the Hasidic tribe, […]

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Lazy Cook: Chicken Matzah Ball Soup

Chicken Matzah Ball Soup

I made Chicken Matzah Ball Soup recently and I thought I was AWE-SOME, until my fully Jewish other half commented whilst eating, “Yeah, this is great soup for when you get sick.” “Ah, sure. It’s also a great soup for when you’re NOT sick and you want to stay healthy. It’s preventative,” I commented proudly. […]

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When Christmas becomes Hanukkah!


Christmas came early this year in the form of Hanukkah. It was my first time celebrating Hanukkah and Thanksgivukkah (a once in a lifetime crossover) and I enjoyed it with the simplicity in the lighting of the candles and dreidel and all.   There was no Christmas tree set up or pressure to buy “Christmas” […]

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Shalom! & Welcome to my blog Kowalski Kibitz, Ramblings of a Jew in Training. How did this all come about? Well…it started with a voice, then a vision, followed by a decision…or more accurately it started with a Rabbi who I interviewed for an article back in my journalism days that stirred a vague interest […]

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